1 Find your perfect cut

Not every part of the cow is exactly the same in terms of flavor, texture, or marbling.

Without getting into too much of the science and technical aspects of it, here are some important things to remember about the cuts you'll choose from in our store.

  • Tenderloin's best quality is in the name. It's the most tender with the least fast.
  • Ribeye is known for its marbling and flavor
  • Prime Rib is the favorite ribeye with the flavourful bone. Excellent for roasts.
  • Striploin or the New York Steak, is on the leaner side, matched with tenderness.
  • Porterhouse gives you the best of both worlds: the strip and the tenderloin.
  • T-bone is the bone in Striploin.
Primebeef standard cuts come in 3/4-inch-thick for bone in steaks and inch-thick for boneless steaks.

2 Find your perfect aging method

Aging beef is the best thing that one can do to beef. Aging brings beef to a higher delectable level. As the meat ages, the natural enzymes begin to break the meat and bring out the tenderness and beef flavor. There are two methods of ageing: dry aging and wet aging.

Dry aging is allowing the beef to develop into a more tender and robust flavored meat by exposing it to the right humidity and temperature for a certain length of time.

Wet aging goes through the same process, but in a vacuum packaging, thus keeping its moisture intact and results to a less tangy taste.

Try both, and discover which best suits you.

3 Find your perfect grade

Beef Grading systems vary depending on the region, but all use the same factors: Maturity, Yield, Meat Color, & Marbling.

A glimpse of a few grading systems that may help you put a finger on your preference.

4 Find your perfect breed

Different specimens, breeds, and origins of beef possess different qualities, and we at Primebeef source and distribute only the highest quality ones. We supply the all-time favourite Angus, which is known for its high muscle content and flavor, and the acclaimed Wagyu breeds, which is famous for its exquisite marbling. Other breeds of meat are available as well in our stores, at friendlier price points.

5 Find your perfect feed

Grain-fed meats will get you the following qualities in your beef: more marbling, buttery taste, and a lighter meat color. If you're looking for something delicate but still rich, grain-fed is the way to go.

Grass-fed meats are more on the leaner side. It boasts of a darker color and a beefier, gamier flavor. The all natural beef that health enthusiasts look for.



Let our meat experts guide you through the process!