Delightful Sampler

Delightful Sampler

Put a smile on anyone’s face with our Delightful Sampler. Anyone will enjoy this present of the following items, arranged in a medium Picnic Hamper:

2 pieces Tenderloin Steaks

1 piece Rib Eye Steak

1 piece Prime Rib Steak

1 piece Striploin Steak

1 piece Porterhouse Steak

1 piece T-bone Steak

3 patties Beef Burgers

1 pack Fresh Corn Beef

1 pack Cowboy Bacon

1 pack BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs

4 packs Steak Rubs


Feel free to add a ribbon and card—on us. Just indicate your preference in the order form.

₱4,250.00/pc | In Stock