Reggie Aspiras

Mom’s Birthday Leads to a Discovery of a Lifetime

Each time, we try to make her birthday as special as could be. My part of the deal is consummate chef and 'food talent' scout. Topping the previous year is always difficult but my 2005 find is a discovery of a lifetime!

Pleasurables Blog

Primebeef Co. in Pleasurables Blog

Last Sunday afternoon, my husband and I went out to go-see a puppy I wanted so much to buy. Instead of a puppy, we bought home some steak. This is how I discovered this simple pleasurable that a foodie will surely treasure...

Table for Three, Please

The Best Burger in Town in Table for Three Please

I just got back from The Burger Bar by Massimo at the Cliffhouse in Tagaytay. I heard from a friend, G. that their Wagyu Burger is a definite must try. What did I think? Although their Burger was well seasoned, juicy and grilled to my idea of proper doneness (medium-rare, of course), I can’t say that i was bowled over by it. And for P900 for two people, I think these burgers need a serious reality check.

Manila Boy

Aged Steaks from The Primebeef Company in Manila Boy

I recently found out that the legendary ARTURO, our family's suki for over 30 years, the master butcher of the Garcia's Supermarket on E.Rod, had retired to his native Aklan right before X'mas 2006. I grew up enjoying his bonhomie whenever I'd accompany my mom or Lola Sally to get absurd amounts of meat for our parties in Pampanga.

The Go Mom

Good Quality Beef for Cooking by The Go Mom

My way to cooking a good salpicao has been long and chewy. I always end up with a tough salpicao, that I can chew from dinner till midnight snack. But with the magic words of my friend Hazel, “You can’t go wrong with Santi’s,” steak and salpicao has become a favorite in our household since. Like steak, the quality of tenderloin you use will make or break the salpicao. The Santi’s delicatessen tag is hefty, at P1,100 – 1,200 per kilo for local tenderloin, but you are sure to have good tasting, tender beef at every purchase. Another place I recently discovered is Primebeef Company in Kamias. They have very good quality meats and they have a wider selection of meats. And now that we have good meat, here is the recipe to finish it off with …