Can I use gift certificates to make purchases on the website?

Primebeef gift certificates are available for use for the website, as well as phone deliveries and in-store purchases. If you wish to pay with your gift certificates, please indicate this on your order notes. Please note that we will only honor gift certificates for regular items, not promos.


I’ve just cooked my Primebeef meat and it turned out tough. Is this because of the meat?

Here at Primebeef, we pride ourselves in selecting the best possible raw beef from our suppliers from all over the world. The tenderness of the meat once it is cooked greatly depends on the manner and method of cooking. Should you have any inquiries as to the best way to cook Primebeef meats, we would be more than happy to share a few tips.


What is the difference between prime grade and choice grade?

Prime Grade – The USDA’s highest beef quality grade.

Choice Grade – The USDA’s second highest beef quality grade .

Know your beef!

Angus – A breed of cattle developed in the Aberdeenshire and Angus counties of Scotland.

Wagyu – A Japanese breed of cattle with intensely marbled qualities.

Aging – Improving the beef‘s flavor and enhancing tenderness, as enzymes break down the meat’s muscle tissues.

Wet Aged – A process of aging beef in its own juices using sealed packaging.

Dry Aged – A process that allows the meat to breathe without packaging and adds the ‘beefiness’ of its flavor.

Quality Grading – Evaluating uncooked meat based on its taste appeal, tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.